How to Stay Calm and Thrive Through Isolation

How to Stay Calm and Thrive Through Isolation

by | Apr 9, 2020

During this surreal time of isolations, lockdowns and quarantines, it is more important than ever to turn inwards and focus on our health. A great number of people are spending significantly more time in their homes than usual. Assessing your home’s health status has never been more important to ensure we can thrive through isolation.

In working towards a healthier home, the first step is working towards a healthier mind. Turning inwards, through a variety of practices, will cultivate a calmer and more balanced mind. Implementing, or improving upon, a daily practice such as meditation, affirmations, or visualization can help immensely. Spending a little time each day, ideally in the morning, to focus on ourselves and our mental / emotional health, better equips us for the day ahead.

Our State of Mind Affects Those Around Us

Working towards a calm and healthy mind not only improves our own health and wellness, but also the health and wellness of those around us. A rarely discussed aspect of health is the emotional state of the occupants, and the way they interact with each other. If there is tension in the air or unresolved issues, this can be felt and leads to an unhealthy environment for all. This issue is especially poignant in light of quarantines and social distancing measures now being in effect all over the world. If we are going to thrive through this time we need to become very conscious and aware of our bodies’ internal environment. This takes focused work and consistent daily practice. It is now more important than ever to ensure our emotional, spiritual and physical health stays as strong as possible.

“A rarely discussed aspect of health is the emotional state of the occupants, and the way they interact with each other“

The thoughts we have are instructions we send to our brain, which then acts accordingly and generates a host of biological effects. Our thoughts have a very real and measurable effect on our health. If not managed, they can be a negative force in our lives and detrimental to our health. Certain internal practices allow us to regain power over our thoughts and ultimately our lives.

Internal Practices to Thrive Through Isolation

Generating a list of “I am” or “We are” statements that involve positive goals and outcome for your life. These can be short, medium or long-term goals, and anywhere from one sentence to a paragraph. They are best read out loud and with a focus put on feeling the emotion of achieving that goal. Reading for roughly 5 minutes in the morning is a great goal.


Picking up a journal and committing to a 5 minute entry each day can feel great. Writing about what you’re grateful for in your life not only connects you with that healing emotion but it also attracts more of that feeling towards you. You can also include affirmations (new or existing ones) or whatever you feel like writing. It’s all good.


Meditation is one thing most people know they should be doing, but many seem to struggle with. Trying different types of meditations is important to see what feels right in that moment (silent, guided, manifestation / visualization focused). Having different options of length and type is important in keeping things fresh. Calm is a great resource to get started, and is free for anyone in education. There’s no shortage of guidance out there when you look.


Using your affirmations (or new ones) you can create a visualization movie and have it set to music at MindMovies. It creates a powerful 2-3 minute video that you can watch on your phone in the morning and/or at night. You can also make a vision board and display this for daily viewing and connection.

A vision board or MindMovie is not a necessity (although I highly recommend MindMovies). You can also simply close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving a goal. What that experience would feel like, using all of your senses. Try to imagine what it sounds, smells, looks and feels like in that moment. Doing this and feeling the emotion of that goal being achieved is super important when manifesting a goal. It doesn’t have to be sustained for a large amount of time, a few minutes per day of this visualization can make a big impact. There are also excellent visualization-focused meditations available from Joe Dispenza. They are around 45 mins long, a commitment, but powerful.

Self-Development Books

Spending 10 minutes a day reading a book on self-development can be a fabulous way to learn something new, challenge yourself and grow as an individual. There are countless options to choose from. Pick anything that resonates with you. Here are a few options: Wayne DyerOshoBruce Lipton.

“The more we work on things we can control and improve on, the more we are able to adapt to and handle the things we can’t.“

Doing any of these activities as part of your day, or ideally, morning routine, feels amazing and directs energy towards positive outcomes, allowing us to thrive through isolation. Positive, focused energy allows more coherence and harmony within the home. This can be felt by all and contributes to a more peaceful home for everyone. It’s during times of great struggle and adversity that great transformation is possible.

A wonderful way to implement all 6 of these inner practices, including exercise, is outlined very well in Hal Elrod’s book “Miracle Morning.” Devoting an hour of your time in the morning has a dramatic impact on the quality of your day. If an hour’s too much, just pick one aspect to start with and wake up 10 minutes earlier to complete it. See how it feels and add more in as you go! The more we work on things we can control and improve on, the more we are able to adapt to and handle the things we can’t.

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