Worst Places to Use Your Cell Phone for EMF Exposure

Worst Places to Use Your Cell Phone for EMF Exposure

by | Apr 11, 2022

Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation as a way to connect wirelessly. Depending on where we use our phones, and how we use them, this makes a big difference in how strong the electromagnetic fields (EMF) are. To maximize our health, we want to limit our exposure to these fields.

Here are 3 places you want to avoid using your cell phone in:

1. Elevators

When you’re inside an elevator, you’re in a metal box surrounded by thick concrete. Metal does a great job of blocking and reflecting the electromagnetic waves back, which just bounces the signal around the elevator, increasing your EMF exposure.

The thick concrete also does a similar thing with the electromagnetic waves. So your phone has to pump up the power output, again increasing your exposure, to try and accommodate the weak signal. You’d be much better off waiting a minute until you’re out of the elevator to start using your cell phone.

2. Cars

A car is essentially another metal box, with quite a bit of EMF being bounced around inside the car. When our cars are moving, the cell phone has to work hard to keep connected, as the signal is constantly being handed off to different cell towers as your location changes. All of this means more exposure for anyone inside that vehicle.

Another thing to look out for is the wireless signals that many new cars constantly emit, bluetooth and wi-fi. Turning these off, is another great way to lower your EMF exposure in the car. Althought, sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out the settings, and it may not even be possible with some newer models.

The car is tricky, as so many people use it as a place to talk on their phone or browse the internet. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst places to do so.

3. Anywhere with low signal

image of low signal bars and high signal bars on a cell phone

When a cell phone has low reception, it has to crank up the power to try and get a good connection. This means an increased strength of electromagnetic fields being pumped out. Becoming aware of when you’ve got a weak signal, and being mindful not to use your phone in these places, is another great, free, low EMF strategy.

Bonus points: Use a wired connection for your cell phone to cut the radio frequency radiation completely!

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