Creating Holistically Healthy, Low EMF Spaces

As a Building Biologist Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, I am here to help you create the healthiest living spaces possible.


A variety of topics are discussed, all in relation to creating healthier living spaces. From EMF education and reduction techniques, to healthy air, water and building materials strategies.

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Browse through a wide variety of products that can be useful in creating a healthier home. Many products are used in various EMF reduction protocols. Reach out if you have any questions!

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If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge on the effects of non-native EMF’s, among a variety of other healthy home topics, be sure to take the time here, incredibly important information.

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Chris McPhie, B.Ed, BBEC, EMRS

Chris is a passionate educator on healthy living. Using the Guiding Principles of Building Biology he focuses on a wide range of aspects related to healthy living spaces. Chris is a specialist in assessing and cleaning up our electromagnetic environment.

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